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2014: My Year of Learning

2013 was a landmark year for me. It was my first full year of freelancing and with it came many ups and a few downs. Although I realise it's running a bit late to do a proper review of 2013, I do want to write more about my experiences freelancing and so will do that in another post soon instead ... Read More

Make a Change

Note: This article was originally supposed to be published in Lustra Magazine, an independent publication created by Tim Smith to discover adventurous creators in the web industry. Unfortunately, Lustra Mag wasn't to be, so I've instead decided to publish the post here for you all to read. When we're surrounded by so much talent, we can quickly become envious of ... Read More

A personal outlook

I've always wondered about the sorts of articles I want to write. This place (the hint is in the name: rachilli.me) is somewhere that I can write whatever I want to - from personal stories through to my opinions. Anything goes. I'm also super pleased to be using Ghost to power this blog. I've waited a long time for ... Read More